Products Offered By SPB

Alarm Systems

  • Paradox Alarms 
Wireless and Hardwire        
          Fully controlable from mobile phone
          GPRS /  GSM         
          Built in Led remote which indicates status of alarm
          Wireless garden beams and passive  infrared          
          Wireless or hardwire door contacts 
  •  IDS Alarms 

 Centurion Systems

  • Gate Motors 
  • Garage Door motors
  • Access Booms
  • Nova Receivers and Remotes
  • Zap Tags
  • Complex receivers
  • Access Booms
  • Road Spikes

Electric Fence Products  

  • All Nemtek Energizers
  • Stafix
  • JVA
  • New Installations
  • Alterations
  • Repairs
  • Certificate of Compliance

Mircell Intercom Systems

  • Mark II
  • G2 
  • Tap Tap Keypads
  • and  older technology such as B1000